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Accer Wealth Manager

Accer Wealth Manager is a comprehensive and versatile tool for  Distributors of financial products  for planning and tracking the investments of their clients.  It generates numerous portfolio reports based on the investment profile and customized financial plan charted out for their clients. It displays a comprehensive performance profiling detailing the returns on each transactions.   Accer Wealth Manager displays the consolidated picture of the investments in a user - friendly format and generates mark to market reports at the transaction, scheme and portfolio level.  It minimizes data entry as all dividends , reinvestments / payouts , and bonus transactions are generated automatically.

The Accer Wealth Manager generates various reports based on the underlying assets of the schemes in the portfolio. A complete break down of the portfolio detailing the concentration  in different stocks, sectors, credit quality etc.  is generated highlighting any over exposure.

It increases the operational efficiency of the organization leading to higher productivity.  It has powerful features of generating Nav Alerts, portfolio valuation alerts, thus keeping the investor informed of his portfolio value.

The product is available as a browser based product  and gives the distributor the facility of providing online access to his clients.  

Accer Wealth is  powered by a  comprehensive and authentic industry database  updated by Accer technology on a daily basis.

Comprehensive , customizable use friendly formats made available to suit the requirement of each client. Robust and scalable with access control for ensuring high information security.

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